wall paneling ideas for home interior

9 Types Of Wall Paneling Ideas For Your Home Interior And Exterior

Wall paneling is an excellent way to add impactful style and texture to hide scars on the walls.

What is Wall Panelling?

Wall paneling can be installed in residential and commercial constructions, such as restaurants, schools, offices, and homes. In these diverse applications, it acts as the predominant covering for walls.
Along with all the appeal, it also controls wall damage, hides unsightly electrical cords, soundproofing, and provides structural support.

Wall paneling Installation 

  • By screwing boards onto the wall. This is suitable for straight, smooth wall surfaces and weightless panels.
  • Installing a metal grid structure on the wall and then skewing the panels onto the grid.

What Are The Materials Used in Wall Paneling

The materials normally used in the wall paneling are:


Wooden boards are made of planks or sheets of solid wood, engineered board, or other wood-like products. They can be developed into beautiful box moldings and batten designs to give a 3D effect.


Here’s a wainscot that’s sure to add some style and old-world appeal to your home. Constructed from wood and manufactured materials, this paneling is designed for durability and easy installation, also installed on the lower half of the walls.

Veneer and Laminate Paneling:

These are made of long-lasting particleboard substrate or wood veneer. This wall-panel product offers a beautiful rustic effect and is designed to achieve the elegance of fine woodworking. Used for wall paneling and ceiling works 


MDF stands for medium-density fiberboard. These panels are decorative components that set and hold the decorative, textural, or architectural look you want. This material offers a durable option.


Fabric panels are a superb idea for bedrooms and sound-proof entertainment rooms. One of the best features is that they are made from the same fabric as your sectional, sofa or ottoman. They look great and come in a myriad of colors and patterns.  


Whether on the exterior or interior of a building, metal wall panels can be an attractive, applicable, and durable option for construction projects. Metal wall panels come in many different styles and materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, and galvanized steel.


Chipboard is made of hot pressing sawdust and chips. Thus, it has a wood-like texture. Hot pressing technology makes it have the same feeling as wood. With its natural color, the item is suitable for decorating.


PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride. They are water-resistant and long-lasting.


It can give you elegant mirror-finished walls.

Work with an interior designer to have the best designs that satisfy your taste and make sure you reach your home interior plans on time.